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"I know five stars is usually the best but considering all the hoops that we had to jump through I give these ladies 10 stars. I'm back using my CPAP after years of hating it. I'm good to go until I hit 90 and I don't mean miles per hour!"

                          -Capt. Marvin

Sleep Coaching, CPAP supplies, Sleep Testing

"After 12 years on several sleep medications, Tina was able to help rid me of insomnia. She helped me go from years of poor sleep to 7 months of blissful dreaming.  I never thought anyone could help me, but her calmness and understanding made the difference."

                    -Martha C.

"I am so thankful I found these ladies! They are incredibly caring! The classes they teach are amazing, they explain everything in such a kind and professional way. I was nervous at first but now I feel confident. I also know that if I don’t know something they will be here for me. They really want to make us have the perfect night sleep! I wish I could give MORE stars!!"


Our secure Telehealth Program
allows you to connect with a

Certified Sleep Educator
from the comfort of your home.

What is a sleep coach?

"Thank you to Melody who has put up with my many calls and questions.  Not once did she make me feel unimportant or bothersome.  She was able to get what I needed and I am back using my CPAP.  Elite Sleep is top-notch!"

                 -Tom F.

We have some of the best clients! Just read their reviews...

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Professional Sleep Health and Wellness Coaching for all types of issues including:

Insomnia ~ CBT-I Techniques

CPAP/BIPAP Assistance 

Pediatric and Adolescents 

Shift Work Disorder

DOT Compliance

Sleep Disorder Treatment Support 

Home Sleep Testing 

In-Lab Testing

Remote Patient Monitoring

Now accepting most major insurances!

  We are a group of very passionate sleep health coaches with over 30 years combined experience in the diagnosis, treatment and

education of clients with sleep disorders. 

We love to help clients and their families achieve the best sleep possible and can provide the one-on-one guidance that is the missing link between the sleep centers, DME's and physician's offices. 

 ~ Our goal is to grant those long-awaited wishes for a better night's sleep~

Want to learn more?

Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation.


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