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Pur-Sleep CPAP pillow uses an innovative, modified buckwheat hull design with a three-layer quilted pillow shell.  Buckwheat hulls are shapeable, naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, become polished with use, and stay cool and dry. 


Why we love it:


They allow you to create a nook for your bulky CPAP mask.

Three-layer, quilted cotton cover filled with triple-cleaned, natural, buckwheat hulls, blended with foam for added comfort

- Gusset design plus shapeable fill conforms to any shape and holds that shape all night long

- With a large zipper opening, it's fully adjustable to suit ANY sleeping position-side, back, or stomach

- Extra filling is provided so your pillow will never go flat.

- Extra shredded foam available for comfort adjustment

- Fill does not push back against your head, so there are no pressure points and no sore neck


Fits Any Standard Pillow Case

Machine Washable

10 Year Warranty


Adjustable CPAP pillow

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    Orders requiring a prescription are shipped following receipt of prescription - Please fax to 770-299-4349.

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