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Frustrated with CPAP? Don’t give up! Pur-Sleep has helped thousands of people get used to—and even enjoy—their CPAP treatment!

Pur-Sleep is a line of holistic aromatherapy products designed specifically for use with CPAP machines. Simply set up the Diffuser in front of the CPAP filter, place a few drops of Essential Oil on the Diffusion Pad and use your CPAP equipment as you normally do.

The Pur-Sleep Diffuser lightly scents the air with one of several fragrances as the air is drawn into the CPAP machine. Pleasant aromatics automatically calm down the emotional core of the human brain, the limbic system, so you can sleep with CPAP! Aromatics also make spaces feel larger, alleviating feelings of restraint.

This package ships with one 5ml bottle of Clear, our most popular CPAP aromatic. It’s a blend of high-menthol content peppermint essential oil, toned down with pure lime and a bit of lavender (which you cannot smell).

Pur-Sleep CPAP Desensitization kit

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