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These are the softest strap pads we have found, and our clients say they make the CPAP headgear feel non-existent!


No more lines on our faces in the morning, super cute, and they even make colors for the men (have you seen the camo?!)


These are rated "Tina's Favorite" because it is a product she used personally before we offered them in our store and a product she likes to give as gifts to all her friends and clients!  

We all have those hard to buy for people in our lives.  This gift may seem basic, but anyone who is a CPAP user will be praising you after one night of using these.


We are trying hard to keep these in stock.  If your color is not available or you need multiples send us an email!


This pair of Strap Pads are designed to make the headgear more comfortable and prevent strap marks on your face. This means you can start your day without tell-tale marks from the CPAP headgear. The incredibly soft microfleeceversatile will hug your strap protecting your face while you sleep. Adding strap pads to the headgear can stabilize the mask to prevent it from shifting out of place. These strap pads add a colorful splash to your CPAP therapy, making the mask less medical looking as well. 


The Strap Pad Originals are the second most versitile pads we offer. Made of the softest available microfleece, these are designed to cover the lower strap on any standard headgear and are comfortable year-round. At approximately 6 inches long and about 1.25 inches wide, they can offer protection for several nasal and full-face headgear straps. This means if you switch masks you can still use these pads in most cases. The seams won't unravel if you need to cut them shorter. They come with a special wire tool to pull the strap through the tube. The two layers enable you to adjust the padding thickness and comfort depending on where you place the strap inside the pad. The microfleece is excellent for straps that curve because they stretch around the bends without bunching. 


Tina's Favorite Strap Pad!

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